Fantoo Liquidator Return of Final Meeting


What was Fantoo ?

Fantoo is an email and messaging platform, which helps to make you more productive and bring FOCUS to your workflow.

Who is behind Fantoo ?

The company was founded by Jordan Fanta, who is responsible for Fantoo’s strategic direction, as well as product and go-to-market strategy. He has 20 years’ experience developing and commercialising innovative software and hardware, including the pioneering of wireless headphones for Fortune 500 companies such as Reebok and Intel. He was driven to found Fantoo by his own experience of email overload and anxiety over his productivity as a business user. Perplexed by the lack of innovation in this space, he sought to deliver an effective solution to a universal problem

Where did Fantoo raise equity ?

Fantoo raised money from several of the platforms in the angel/crowd space



Syndicate Room

The lead investor

Martin Charmoy is Managing Director of Prosperity Capital Management, responsible for promoting the company’s range of funds to the European, Middle-Eastern and Latin American institutional clients. Martin invests primarily in listed markets, but will occasionally invest in early-stage companies that he finds very interesting and where there is an opportunity for him to be involved in their development.

Ignite 100

Dell Entrepreneur In Residence

Last year Fantoo’s founder Jordan Fantaay and iNovar’s David Monks clinched global computing firm Dell’s first ever UK Start-up in Residence competition. 

They were chosen for their “long-term vision, growth potential and entrepreneurial spirit”, according to Dell’s UK managing director Tim Griffin. Their prizes, lasting one year for iNovar and two for Fantoo, were mentoring and support, based within Dell’s HQ in Berkshire.

Being a first, the package itself was in effect a pilot. The tangible factors it delivered – free office rental and access to both equipment and Dell’s experts with their global market views and contacts – made it work beyond expectations, say all sides, which hail it as a potential model other corporations might consider

Gartner see Fantoo as Cool !

Reports of Fantoo

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